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Online delivery in USA

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Pelican Delivers is the first & only patented peer to peer Cannabis Pick-Up service.

🌱Reserve products online for pick-up at a local licensed retailer & Pelican will Send-A-Friend out for you. Simply wait for your Pelican Friend to arrive!

Everyone likes being rewarded! Become a Pelican Friend today. Gift your new friend with what they want, when & where they want it!

Had my first Pelican Friend arrive today with my pick up. He was super chill & got to my house pretty quick. He had exactly what I reserved through Pelican's website. Used the code: firstfree too & saved some $
Mark R.
Became a Pelican Friend hoping to make a few extra bucks. (I've done other things like this before, but didn't make enough to make it worth my time). This is way different. Let's just say I got rewarded very nicely just for "helping a new friend out". Took me like 20 minutes and made enough to fill my tank & grab some grub. I will be continuing to Pick-Up for Pelican 100%.
I'm not able to leave my home very easily, but use cannabis. So when I heard about this service from my niece I was excited to try it. Was able to get a user account set up easily which was nice because I often struggle with online ordering. I chose what I wanted and a very nice young woman showed up with what I said I wanted. She said she was my "Pelican Friend". The whole process took about 40 minutes & I'm tickled pink about it. Will be using again!
Jo R.
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